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​​​RapidStart – Microsoft's inception; our solution.

Fine Solutions maintains a cornerstone relationship with Microsoft, highlighted by the development and launch of Microsoft's RapidStart initiative. We've been involved with RapidStart from the very beginning, providing insight to design, architecture, and user experience.

Fundamentally, RapidStart aims to reduce the amount of time it takes to implement the standard functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics software. Whilst room for customization remains, RapidStart allows for full configuration using a cloud-based, interview-style questionnaire. This questionnaire communicates with general business terminology, rather than the technical language specific to each of the respective Dynamics platforms. Most effective for small to medium-size businesses, the aim is to reduce both time and cost without compromising on quality. It's truly a triple threat, which is why we're so excited.

We've successfully completed more RapidStart implementations that any other Microsoft partner, so why not get in touch. It doesn't take long to determine if RapidStart for Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM or Dynamics GP​ is right for your organization.

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